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Types of PianosWhat is acoustic piano?

Types of PianosAn acoustic piano is the kind of piano that people know of if they’re new to the instrument. Often times you’d hear they mention a baby grand piano that grandma gave them.

Lots of folks not only see an acoustic piano as an instrument but also a piece of furniture that can style up part of your living space. The most common acoustic piano is an upright piano versus a grand piano. Upright pianos are heavy enough but grand piano are even more heavier. Remember every time when we hire piano movers to move a grand piano it always take up to 3 men power to do.

Also another thing about acoustic piano is that you’d have to hire piano tuner to tune your piano for you for maintenance. You will find any acoustic upright piano or even grand piano often at places like churches, school, city halls or theaters …etc. The picture you see on the left here is a grand piano. Because of its size and its extreme elegant look the cost of a grand piano is just like buying a car. 

A full size piano contains 88 keys which is made of thirty six black keys and fifty two white keys. How the mechanic works is a tiny hammer hits the individual string to make a sound. If you look at our digital piano reviews you’d see lots of them discuss if their keys have enough hammer action. What hammer action mean is if you hit a key harder you’d get a louder sound if you press the key softer you’d get a softer volume. 

As for foot pedal you’d often find 3 of them at the bottom. The one all the way on the left is named as soft pedal. With the pedal, the distance between the strings and the hammers is shrunk so the strings aren’t impacted as hardly therefore you’d get a softer volume when playing with that pedal pressed down. The middle pedal is called the mute pedal. Many people use that center pedal to practice playing so it makes just the quiet sound. The sustain pedal is located as the farthest right pedal. This is also the pedal people use the most. When pressing the right pedal, you’d able to ring out the keys that you play which makes all the notes sound connected and attached until you let go of the pedal. Usually in ballad style music they use the sustain pedal alot which makes the piece sound really pretty. If you don’t release the sustain pedal by playing a bunch of keys for a long time it’d make the song sound really muddy so there’s a technique in learning how to use it. 

What is digital piano?

D41eNxGawxkL2igital pianos are the main title of our website which is also what we’re helping others to find. Digital pianos is somewhat a new modern technology. You don’t need to know how to tune a piano. You could say digital pianos are invented to help others learn the piano if they don’t want to buy an acoustic piano or can’t afford one. Digital Pianos are a piece of electronic that has built in speakers which is where your keys sound is going to come out of.

The texture and feel of digital piano keys are synthetically made heavier to assist replicate the feeling of an acoustic piano. Not only digital pianos can give you the feel of playing an acoustic piano but also they’re made compact and light to save room for piano players. Digital pianos are generally less expensive and smaller than acoustic pianos of course. Often times adult students or parents don’t want to invest in an acoustic piano as they want to take lessons for awhile to figure out if they really like it if so they stick with it then later on they’d either upgrade a more functionality digital piano or buy an acoustic grand or baby grand piano or upright piano. Digital pianos make a  good option for beginners on the piano and people in lessons.

One of the nice things about digital pianos is that you can control the volume. Alot of those now have headphone jacks too so if you play with a headphone on you’d get that amazing sound quality when playing without disturbing others sitting around you and same goes for turning the volume up or down when playing which make it perfect for playing in a busy apartment or late nights. Also many performers haul around their digital pianos to go play shows. If you don’t have one of these it’s almost impossible to play gigs unless you’d playing at piano lounge or hotels that already have a piano sitting there waiting for you to come perform. 

What about electric keyboards?

Electric keyboardWhen it comes to electric keyboards people often times get the two mixed up.

The reason why we’re not emphasizing on electric keyboards for a reason. We’re a firm believer in having a piano if you want to learn to play the piano (or have your child learn to play the piano)! You can’t learn to ride a unicycle if all you have is a tricycle, but, yes, having a bicycle is a little help in learning the unicycle.

As you know by now digital pianos mimic real acoustic pianos which give piano players that same experience due to buying a real piano sometimes is not feasible cause of space and money, with money’s being the preponderant answer. Sometimes apartment dwellers or people whose work/school schedules require earphone use to avoid disturbing others is another valid reason.

With electric keyboards, they do look a bit like digital pianos, but not all. There’s actually quite the difference between the two. Electric pianos usually don’t give you the feel and sound quality that digital pianos do. So far you probably understand how the closer the feel and sound are about he digital pianos the better as they try to mimic the real acoustic pianos. However, electric keyboards don’t have to be. They typically have a few hundred sounds. Not just that as you can see in the picture to your left electrical keyboards usually don’t have the weighted keys, you see how the keys are very thin and their bottoms are not solid.

If your goal is to play the piano we’d suggest you to get a digital piano to start out unless you want to invest in an acoustic piano immediately. If your goal is to be an excellent keyboard player just like some of the 80’s music you’ve heard of that have heavy keybaord sounding then owning an electric keyboard is the way to go. Just do keep in mind when you switch from one to another you’d feel a big difference. Types of Pianos If you’ve been practicing on an electric keyboard but all of a sudden you’re put on a spot to play the acoustic piano you’d probably find it hard as your finger never built up any strength playing on an electric keyboard. Not only that, usually electric keyboard don’t have 88 keys, the common ones have less than 88 keys such as 61 or seventy six but of course some still do have eighty eight. This can create issues for a real pianist hoping to play a large range and diverse array of music. Remember seeing a short electric keyboard at any department store on sale for little kids? Those are electric keyboard. We’re not saying there’s not any good quality electric keyboard out there there are but that’s another subject we don’t want to get into now as we don’t want to confuse you even more. As of this point, if you are able to distinguish between 3 different kinds of pianos you’re doing just fine. 

Although we strongly encourage students to start with digital pianos if not with a real piano, feel free to check out some electric keyboards here on amazon!



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